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MSU insurance waiver guide: How to save 1,016/year?

Attending a US college can be financially stressful. The average fee to attend a private non-profit four-year university is $48,510/year. For international students, the costs are even higher.

But do you know that you can save up to $1,016/year with insurance waiver? Enroll by Sep 14 to get the savings!

What is an insurance waiver?

On your tuition bill, you will see that MSU has automatically enrolled you in the university’s Student Health Insurance.

However, international students can enroll in a surprisingly more affordable plan designed specifically for them. Whereas MSU's Student Health Insurance Plan costs $1,896/year, health coverage for international students can be as low as $880/year.

An insurance waiver is an application to switch your plan that better fits your needs. Simply enroll in an insurance plan that meets the school’s waiver requirements and submit an insurance waiver on the school’s website.

Why are alternative health insurance plans more affordable?

The insurance costs are calculated based on the risks of the demographics. University health plans are usually more expensive because the plans serve a broader range of the population, including international and domestic students.

How to pick a health insurance plan?

A good insurance plan protects you from minor illnesses to serious injuries and diseases. When you’re looking for a plan, consider these factors:

  • The Costs Some plans are much more cost-effective than others. But the cost is the only factor you need to take into consideration. A plan with limited coverage can lead to catastrophic financial loss.

  • Insurance benefits Read the insurance policies carefully. A good insurance plan should have a low deductible, a high coinsurance, low copays, and a low out-of-pocket maximum.

  • Provider network Provider network is a group of care providers partnering with the insurance company to provide you with pre-negotiated rates. A powerful network allows you to find trustworthy doctors and hospitals wherever you need.

Can you recommend a good health insurance plan?

Student Medicover, a partner of UnitedHealthcare, offers the most cost-effective and reliable health insurance plans for international students in the market.

  • Reliable Coverage: Their coverage features low deductibles, high coinsurances, low copays, and low out-of-pocket maximums. Their plans offer substantial coverage for doctor visits, hospital stays, emergency care, prescription drugs, and many other treatments found in the policy brochures.

  • Find a trusted doctor anywhere in the country With Student Medicover, you can access accredited care providers in the nation’s leading network – UnitedHealthcare Options PPO. You will enjoy lower costs for in-network medical services with pre-negotiated prices.

  • Visit Student Health Center: Student Medicover offers in-network benefits for treatments received in any student health centers in the country, including the Olin Health Center of MSU.

  • 24/7 Customer Service If you have any questions, you can always ask a customer service representative through email, phone, WhatsApp, Facebook, and online support center.

Here is a brief comparison between MSU's Student Health Insurance Plans and Student Medicover’s plans:

The chart is only a brief overview. Please refer to the policy brochures to learn more about the plans.

How to waive health insurance?

Completing an insurance waiver is very simple. It takes you only 15 minutes.

STEP 1: Enroll in an insurance plan Visit Student Medicover’s website, scroll down to “Enrollment”, and enroll in Preferred Plus or Preferred Plus Care plan.

STEP 2: Download your confirmation letter and temporary insurance ID card

Click "login" at the top right corner and log in with the email and password you set when you enroll. Click "MY ENROLLMENTS" for your confirmation letter and "DOWNLOAD ID CARD" for your temporary insurance ID card.

Please be mindful that the temporary insurance ID card is for insurance waiver purposes. For official insurance ID card, please refer to Insurance ID.

STEP 3: Download your policy brochure

Download the policy brochure of the plan you enrolled.

STEP 4: Fill out the insurance waiver form:

Visit stuinfo.msu.edu and login.

Click the "OTHER" tab on the menu. Then choose "Insurance Waiver".

Check the box "I understand and agree to all the terms and conditions listed above" and click "CONTINUE".

Enter your insurance information as below and submit.

For Policy Holder ID Number, enter the SR ID found on your temporary insurance ID card.

STEP 5: Submit your policy brochure

After you have received a email from MSU, submit your insurance policy brochure to solutionscenter@hr.msu.edu.

After your application is approved, the school will either refund you or remove the health insurance fee on your tuition bill.

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